Upcoming Events at the Yokohama Chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (全国言語教育学会)

Sep 2019: Performance in Education SIG (aka the Speech Drama and Debate SIG)

Date: September 14th
Time: From 15:30
Location: Yokohama Youth Centre (Google Maps). The Youth Center is in the basement under Kannai Hall (take the lift to the bottom floor). About 5 mins from Bashamichi and Sakuragicho, and even closer from Subway Blue Line Kannai station (come out exit 9, then walk past Starbucks.
Abstract: Presentations from members of the Performance in Education SIG (formerly known as the Speech Drama and Debate SIG).

1. Gordon Rees

TITLE: Boosting student confidence to read and speak expressively with Performance-Assisted Learning (PAL)
ABSTRACT: Many EFL instructors are tasked with teaching compulsory reading courses. Sometimes in these courses textbooks are chosen for the instructor and the curriculum is pre-determined. Assigned textbooks can be full of facts, dry and uninteresting. In addition to stale materials, teachers often have to deal with unmotivated students who may lack confidence in their English ability. I will discuss how three supplementary, Performance-Assisted Learning (PAL) activities were utilized in a second-year, compulsory reading course in order to liven up the curriculum, boost student confidence and encourage reading with expression. The presentation will conclude with a short workshop in which participants can try their hand at radio drama.
ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Gordon is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Policy Management at Yokkaichi University. His research interests include drama in EFL, Performance-Assisted Learning (PAL) and teaching culture. In his free time he enjoys triathlon training, bicycle touring and recently, stage acting.

2. Chris Parham

TITLE: Page to stage
ABSTRACT: Many teachers enjoy staging short plays with students but often leave it up to the students own devices to figure out how to put the thing together. This may result in some students doing little or no creative exploration at all. This workshop gives teachers ideas to help students understand a play, explore character and physicality, and generally have a bit of fun rehearsing and working with those in the scene. It moves through pre-text work, ways to read the text, getting the students on their feet, finding chemistry with scene partner(s), and some last-minute exploration. We will use the short text for English learners ‘Shakespeare’s House’, a three-hander about a couple of tourists visiting what they think is William Shakespeare’s house.
ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Chris teaches a variety of courses at Aoyama Gakuen University including English, Academic Writing, Public Speaking, Debate, Performance, and Drama & Theater Studies. He is an artistic director of Black Stripe Theater, a company who tour reduced versions of classic stories to schools and universities in and around Tokyo. This year they are staging Macbeth and in 2020 they stage ‘The Story of the Summer Games’ which examines the summer Olympic movement from the first modern games in Athens in 1896 to Tokyo 2020.

3. Eucharia Donnery

TITLE: Dramatic solutions for classroom issues
ABSTRACT: As teachers, we all conduct problem-solving research in our respective classrooms. This presentation-workshop describes how drama can help address these issues by demonstrating creative problem solving through collaborative and creative methods. In dramatic role, the students have ownership and therefore want to speak and write. This is important because it goes against the grain of Japanese culture to speak out, even in Japanese. The presentation section addresses the challenge of shyness and demotivation in the classroom. It then moves into the workshop, which actively demonstrates how collaborative learning in the form of process drama projects can help students both socially and linguistically.
ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Eucharia works in the Department of Applied Computer Sciences at Shonan Institute of Technology as a lecturer and practitioner of CALL, drama, presentation skills and communication management. Other interests include reading and Muay Thai kickboxing.

4. Chhayankdhar Singh Rathore (CD)

TITLE: “Planning drama activities: a hybrid approach”
ABSTRACT: This session will present a hybrid framework for planning drama activities in a content-based context. The framework has been put together by combining the Task-Based Language Teaching approach and a Process drama methodology. Participants will engage in a hands-on experience of the process of planning and executing a series of process drama activities.
ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Chhayankdhar is an Assistant Lecturer at Soka University, Japan. His areas of interest are performance in education, CLIL, sociologists, language acquisition, and global education. His other interests include learning about every possible thing related to spices.


Oct 2019: Conference Preview

Speakers: You!
Date: Saturday, October 12
Time: from 1pm
Location: Yokohama Youth Centre (Google Maps). The Youth Center is in the basement under Kannai Hall (take the lift to the bottom floor). About 5 mins from Bashamichi and Sakuragicho, and even closer from Subway Blue Line Kannai station (come out exit 9, then walk past Starbucks.
Details: Are you preparing a (short) presentation or a poster for JALT conference next month? Bring along your draft and test it out with a live audience! Email Malc (yojaltpresident@yojalt.org) to book a slot

Nov 2019: No Event (National Conference)


Dec 2019:

Date: TBC
Presenter: You!
Time: 1.15pm-5pm, followed by Bonenkai
Location: TBC

Details: If you would like to present, please prepare a 10-15 minute presentation (or poster presentation) on a practical teaching topic – an activity, some materials, an app or website – anything other members might find useful. To book a slot, please email yojaltpresident@yojalt.org with a 50-100 word abstract and a title. If there is time at the end, it may be possible to squeeze in a few walk-in speakers, but to avoid disappointment please reserve early. After the meeting, we will head out in the area for some food and drink!
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