Upcoming Events at the Yokohama Chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (全国言語教育学会)

July 2017: Dr. Stephen Ryan – Motivation research: What does it have to say to teachers in Japan?

Date: Sunday, July 23
Time: 1pm-16:30pm
Location: Yokohama Youth Centre, under Kannai Hall (directions)
Abstract: The last 15 years or so have witnessed a huge surge in interest in language learner motivation (Boo, Dornyei, & Ryan, 2015), both theoretical and practical. In the first part of this talk, I intend to take stock of those recent theoretical developments, with a particular focus on the concept that has been key to this growth, Dörnyei’s L2 Motivational Self System (Dörnyei, 2005; 2009). Following on from this theoretical overview, I hope to discuss some of the practical implications of the theoretical shift, exploring how the new thinking applies to learning and teaching in Japanese classrooms.

Discussion leader for this session: Kay Irie

Bio: Stephen Ryan has been involved in language education for over 25 years, with most of that time being spent in Japan. His research and publications cover various aspects of psychology in language learning and he is currently a professor in the School of Culture, Media and Society at Waseda University.


August 2017: No event

Date: Sunday July 9 TBC
Time: TBC
Location: TBC
Details: TBC

September 2017: ESP Symposium

Date: Saturday, 16 September 2017
Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Location: Keio University
In September, instead of holding our own event, we are co-sponsoring a plenary speaker at the CUE/Business Communication SIG’s event in Keio University: the ESP Symposium will feature three plenary speakers, two from overseas, and one from within Japan, with a broad of expertise in the field of teaching and researching English for Specific Purposes (ESP). Additionally, two poster sessions, a round-table and panel discussion offer teacher-researchers opportunity to interact and share their own work in ESP. There will be a call for posters in February. Additional details as they come in here: link

Fee for JALT members: 1,500
Fee for one-day members: 3,000 yen

October 2017: Young Learners – Lesley Ito and Hitomi Sakamoto

Date: Sunday October 22
Time: 1pm-4.30pm
Location: Yokohama Youth Centre, under Kannai Hall (directions)
Lesley Ito: Experience the Power of CLIL Lessons for Young Learners!
Abstract: CLIL ELT lessons combine English with other subjects to interest and motivate young learners and give them a chance to use the English they have learned in a real context. These types of lessons are quite common in ESL classes throughout Europe, but are rare in EFL classes in Japan. The presenter was so inspired by what her colleagues in Europe were doing that she created an entire pre-school/elementary cross-curricular program called the Double Ring Lesson for her school, BIG BOW English Lab in Nagoya. Several classroom-tested EFL CLIL lessons will be demonstrated in this interactive workshop. An explanation on how these types of lessons can be made appropriate for the EFL class will be given. See how these types of lessons can invigorate your EFL program!

Bio: Lesley Ito is a well-known teacher, teacher trainer, school owner, owner of LIXON Education, and award winning materials writer based in Nagoya. Her school, BIG BOW English Lab, has a CLIL curriculum with a strong focus on literacy. Her ELT writing credits include teacher’s guides for the We Can! series (McGraw-Hill), workbooks for the Our World and Welcome to Our World series (Cengage), online support materials for Choose Your Own Adventure (McGraw-Hill) and Let’s Chant, Let’s Sing, Greatest Hits (OUP), a book on teaching, Fifty Ways to Teach Young Learners (Wayzgoose Press), and the interactive graded readers Tornado Alley and Backstage Pass (Atama iiBooks).

Hitomi Sakamoto: “Global Greenglish Project”
Abstract: The presenter has been promoting an intercultural exchange project between Fukushima children and Turkish children for two years. The students learn about environment in English classes and that is why it is called “Greenglish”. The syllabus and some activities including a song are to be introduced.

Bio: Hitomi Sakamoto is a professor at Toyo Gakuen University and director of the English Education Development Center. Her research interests include global education in EFL classes and methods for teaching English to young learners. She is a co-author of an English textbook your world.

November 2017: Gabriel Diaz Maggioli – Teacher Education

Date: Sunday, November 12
Time: TBC
Location: TBC
Details: In collaboration with this year’s JALT International conference and Soka University, we’re hoping to invite plenary speaker Gabriel Diaz Maggioli. Specific topic TBC, but for a taste, here is his IATEFL plenary from earlier this year.


December 2017:

Date: TBC – third Saturday or third Sunday
Presenter: You!
Time: 1.15pm-5pm, followed by Bonenkai
Location: TBC
Details: Call will go out in September 2017 – check your email!

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Draft schedule for 2018

Jan 2018: TBD

Feb 2018: Gary Barkhuizen in Tokyo

Date: February
Time: TBC
Location: TBC
Details: we will be cohosting the speaker with Tokyo chapter at a location easily accessed from Yokohama. Possibly Shinagawa. Details to follow.

Mar 2018: No event (Holidays)

Apr 2018: TBD

May 2018: TBD

Jun 2018: TBD

Jul 2018: TBD

Aug 2018: No event (Holidays)

Sep 2018: TBD

Oct 2018: TBD

Nov 2018: No Event (Conference)

Dec 2018: My Share