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April 20 (SUNDAY!): “My Question”

Time: 2pm This event is on a SUNDAY
Location: Yokohama Kyoiku Kaikan Dai2 Kenshushitsu(第二研修室)(1F). Near Sakuragicho (JR/underground) or Hinode (Toyoko)
Details: Our April event this year will follow a new format – “My Question”. The idea is that everyone who comes should think of a question or two that they would like to ask the group. This could be a straightforward factual question, a request for suggestions/advice, or a discussion starter. For example:

Teaching advice
- How do you handle plagiarism?
- Do you teach pronunciation? How?
- What writing errors do you think we should correct?

Career advice
- I’m writing a Japanese CV, but I don’t know what to put in this section here.
- What kind of questions did you get at your job interviews for a university position?
- What job websites are best?

Admin advice
- Has anyone set up a graded reader library without school funding?
- My teaching group shares a lot of worksheets/materials, but sharing by email is getting fiddly. Is there a better way?
- Some of the teachers I supervise don’t use the assigned textbooks. Students are complaining. What should I do?

Research/Publishing Advice
- How do I choose a journal to publish in?
- I want to do a quantitative project, but I don’t know statistics. Where can I learn?
- What’s the best way to analyse interview data?


May 17 (Saturday): Raising Gender Awareness in the EFL Community in Japan: A closer examination of gender in the classroom and in the workplace.

Time: 1pm~4.45pm
Location: Kanagawa chiku centre(横浜市神奈川地区センター) –
Directions: 5 mins from JR Higashi Kanagawa station. map
- Go out the back, past Keikyu Nakakido. Turn right at teh 7-11, and it’s down that street on the left, just past the park (street view)
Details: Many people are under the misguided perception that gender issues belong exclusively within the realm of “women” and are not of importance or of interest to men. This panel of GALE members, aims to correct this illusion by presenting gender based topics about teaching methodology, beliefs and professional lives, which can be of use and interest to both a female and a male audience.

Kristie Collins will share her experiences about teaching “Media & Gender” and “Introduction to Gender Studies” courses to Japanese and International students at the University of Tsukuba. Her presentation will include a number of informative activities for “Media & Gender” lessons for learners of various ages and language levels and participants will be introduced to a variety of gender studies resources for their future pedagogical consideration. Reiko Yoshihara will present on feminist EFL teachers’ teaching practices and beliefs. Fiona Creaser will discuss ways in which a gender studies seminar is being taught in English to Japanese students and the challenges students face discussing difficult topics such as sexual. Diane Nagatomo will present the results of her ongoing research, which examines gender issues that shape the professional identities of foreign female university teachers in Japan. The afternoon will conclude with discussion break-outs and a question and answer session.

June 21 (SATURDAY): Daniela Papi – Voluntourism

Time: 2pm~
Location: Yokohama Youth Centre, under Kannai Hall (directions)
Details: If you are thinking about taking students abroad on a service trip or bringing the world into your classroom virtually through development education, please join us for this workshop and discussion by Daniela Papi! As an ex-JET and founder of PEPY Cambodia, Daniela will share lessons, tips, tools, and stories from the six years she lived in Cambodia and reflect on both the positive and negative effects she saw of the growing volunteer travel sector. You should walk away with ideas for how to avoid contributing to the volunteer travel horror stories and tips for how to bring development education into the classroom without needing to leave home.

In association with the Global Issues in Language Education (GILE) SIG

Bio: While working as an English teacher in Shizuoka-ken, Japan, Daniela Papi organized a bike trip across Cambodia to build a school. That trip led Daniela to spend six years in Cambodia where she founded a youth leadership and education organization, PEPY, a development education travel company PEPY Tours, and an education and advocacy organization committed to helping people rethink volunteer travel, “Learning Service”.


July 19 (SATURDAY): Exploring the value of student self-transcription

Time: 2pm
Location: TBC
Details: Students transcribing their own spoken output (i.e. self-transcription) is a teaching tools that has been sparingly investigated in recent years. With the advancement of technology, however, self-transcription has become easier to administer. In this workshop, Simon Cooke and Colin Skeates will share research into their use of self-transcription in the classroom. In addition, attendees will have a chance to try self-transcription and participate in a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of using self-transcription in their own teaching context. As cell phones will be used during the workshop, please ensure that your phone has recently been charged before you attend.

August: No Event


September: Call for Proposals open. Elections and AGM


October 18 (SATURDAY): Conversation Activities

Time: TBA
Location: TBA

1) Sean Anderson: Question Quest : The Language Card Game

Sean will present on Question Quest, a card=based conversation activity he has published.

Abstract: Most teachers that try to retro-fit an existing card game like Go-fish or Crazy-Eights into a language learning game have subpar results. Students must be prodded into producing target structures and reminded to not play the game in Japanese. Also their English level rarely determines victory.
Question Quest is the solution to these problems. Question Quest wasn’t built on the rules of an existing card game, but on the rules of conversation! Come and join Sean Anderson as he introduces you to this amazing new resource, so you can put your students’ language skills to the Quest!
Bio: Sean Anderson, a teacher for fifteen years, came to Japan in 1999 and has taught students at the elementary, high school, and university level. He is Co-founder of Quest Maker Media, currently teaches at Senzoku Gakuen High School, and is the inventor of Question Quest : The Language Card Game.

2) Nathaniel French: 10 minute free conversations

Abstract: This presentation will outline the activities used to get all 22 of the students in a first year university class (~400 TOEIC) to go from guided conversations that lasted less than a minute to 10 minute free conversations within the span of one semester. The activities used involved (1) Variable Sentence Response (VSR), a type of choose your own adventure for a specific conversational situation, and (2) a variety of uses for 10 single-word conversation cards (such as Who? What? Where?). Upon request, showing/playing any of the 22 recorded 10 minute free conversations from this class is also an option.

Bio: Nathaniel French is the Coordinator for the Materials Writers SIG and a lecturer at Showa Women’s University, Nihon University, and Tokyo International University. He is highly interested in getting students to not only enjoy speaking in English, but to give them the skills and confidence necessary to take their language abilities out into the world.

3) “My Worksheet Share”

If you come to this event, please consider bringing 20 copies of your favourite worksheet – either something you made yourself, or your favourite activity from a photocopiable resource book. Depending on the timing, we can either a) just swap them and ask questions (if there are any) at the social, or there may be time to do short 2-3 minute presentations on why you like them, and how to use them.

November: No YoJALT Event – it’s conference month!

Time: Friday November 21 – Monday November 24
Location: Tsukuba International Congress Center (Epochal Tsukuba)
Details: “Conversations Across Borders”

December: My Share and End-of-Year Party

Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Details: TBA

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